Fan Cover Bolt Set
Includes 4 bolts that hold the fan cover to the crankcase. 5mm x 20mm long...
Fan Cover to Engine Cover Screw Set
2 screws that mount the fan cover to the plastic engine shroud. 4.5mm x 18mm course screw...
Flywheel - Chung Yang RC
Chung Yang replacement flywheel for RC engines. Fits Chung Yang CY23RC, CY26RC, CY27RC, CY29RC, GP29..
Flywheel - CY46
Stock flywheel for the Chung Yang CY46, GP460, CY42, and GP420 engines. Go-Ped part# 121130026...
Flywheel - Zenoah G23LH
Chung Yang flywheel for Zenoah G23LH. ..
Flywheel Nut - 8mm
Flywheel nut - 8mm x 1.0..
Grommet - CY46 Coil
Coil wire grommet for CY46 ignition coil to flywheel cover...
Grommet - CY46 Solid
Solid grommet for the CY46 fancover...
Ignition Coil - CY46
Stock replacement CY ignition coil for the CY46 and GP460 engine. This is the stock 46 coil and not..
Ignition Coil - HP/RC
IKEDA-D O.E. ignition coil for HP/RC engines. Includes wire and cap installed as shown...
Intake Manifold Stock - RC Engines
Replacement intake manifold for Chung Yang and Zenoah RC engines...
Muffler - HP/RC
Stock high performance exhaust canister for HP/RC engines. Features rear facing outlet. Includes bol..