Fan Cover Bolt Set
Includes 4 bolts that hold the fan cover to the crankcase. 5mm x 20mm long...
Fan Cover to Engine Cover Screw Set
2 screws that mount the fan cover to the plastic engine shroud. 4.5mm x 18mm course screw...
Flywheel Nut - 8mm
Flywheel nut - 8mm x 1.0..
Ftg Bolt - Go-Ped
Allen bolt for stock and ADA Racing billet ftg's. PWM part# 1044..
Ftg Wedge - Go-Ped
Wedge for stock Go-Ped and ADA Racing billet ftg's. PMW part# 1045..
Fuel Line 1/8
1/8 inch fuel line sold by the foot...
Gas Tank Fitting
Replacement gas tank fitting for our aftermarket 1.5L fuel tank.  Threads in and then it must b..
Gas Tank Hardware Kit
Gas tank hardware kit for Go-Ped scooters for replacing broken tank studs. Includes hardware and alu..
Muffler Bolt Set
2 bolts that hold the stock muffler onto the cylinder. 5mm x 50mm long...
Snap Ring - 12mm
External retaining ring for 12mm diameter shafts.  This is used in our 54mm clutch and goes on ..
Spacer - Billet Wheel
Aluminum bearing spacer for the Sport Bead Locks, Prowler, Psyclone, Rage, & Sabre billet wheels...
Spacer - Chain Tensioner
3/8 inch thick aluminum spacer for ADA Racing chain tensioner for the GSR40...