Juice Box HP Carb Kit - Tanaka 40cc
15mm HP carb kit with Juice Box. Includes everything needed for installation on 40cc engine...
Piston Kit - 32mm G23LH
CY piston kit for the HE23ZR and Zenoah G23LH engines. Kit includes piston, 2 rings, piston pin, upp..
Piston Kit - 34mm LH Style
34mm dual ring piston kit. This piston has proper cam and taper shape for improved performance and l..
$5.00 $14.95
Piston Ring - 32mm/1mm
1mm thick piston ring. Fits 32mm RC pistons. This high performance piston ring is made from nodular ..
Piston Ring - 34mm/1mm
1mm thick piston ring. Fits 34mm RC pistons with 1mm think rings. This high performance piston ring ..
Rod Kit - RC +5mm Long
+5mm long rod kit for RC crankshafts. Includes forged rod, lower pin, and bearing. To use this, it..
$19.95 $29.95
Stroker Crankshaft +1mm CY46
+1mm forged stroker crankshaft for the CY46 and GP460 engine. Increases engine displacement by 1.4cc..
Stroker Crankshaft +3mm
This is a forged +3mm stroker crank with +5mm connecting rod for RC engines. The journals are larger..
$49.95 $74.95
Timing Advance Key - Go-Ped/47cc Pocketbike
Advances ignition timing 10 degrees. Increases acceleration and gain up to 2mph on top speed. Key is..
Timing Advance Key - Tanaka/49cc Pocketbike
Ignition timing advance key for Tanaka engines. Offset woodruff key that advances the position of th..