Filter Adaptor - Super Jet 38mm
Billet aluminum carb adaptor for K&N flame arrestor with a 2-3/4" mounting diameter. Yamaha 701 Supe..
Flame Arrestor Riser - 25mm
25mm tall flame arrestor riser. 48mm inner diameter. Can be used with the Yamaha Super Jet stock fla..
Front Cover - Kaw 1100
Billet aluminum front oil injection cover for the Kawasaki 1100 engine. Includes stainless mounting ..
Fuel Hull Fitting - Kawasaki
Billet aluminum fuel cap socket for the Kawasaki Jet Skis. Works with the stock plastic or aftermark..
Fuel Hull Fitting - Super Jet
Billet aluminum fuel cap socket for the Yamaha Super Jet, WaveBlaster, & Wave Raider. Works with the..
Fuel Pickup - Kawasaki
Billet aluminum fuel pickup with brass hose fittings. Can be used on dual and triple carb setups wit..
Gas Cap - Kawasaki
Billet aluminum gas cap for Kawasaki Jet Skis. Fits the stock and our billet filler necks. Much ligh..
Gas Cap -Yamaha
Billet aluminum gas cap for Yamaha Watercraft such as the Super Jet and WaveBlaster. Fits the stock ..
Gasket - Yamaha 989 Base
This is a replacement gasket for the ADA Racing 989 billet cylinder for the Yamaha twin...
Girdle Kit - Kaw 750SX/750SXi/800SXR Billet Head
Girdle kit for Kawasaki 750/800 girdle head. Includes all hardware and brackets. No cylinder mods re..
Girdle Kit - Kaw 800 V2
Girdle kit for our new V2 Kawasaki 650/750/800 girdled head. This kit uses offset base nuts and requ..
Girdle Kit - Kawasaki 1100
Girdle kit for the ADA Racing Kawasaki 1100 girdle head...