Air Scoop - G2D
ADA Racing billet air scoop fits Zenoah G2D engine only, it will NOT fit any other engine. The G2D e..
Air Scoop - RC Engines
Billet aluminum. Fits Zenoah G230RC/G260RC and Chung Yang RC engines only. Replaces recoil pull star..
Billet Wheel - Rear Sprocket Sport
Billet rear wheel with sprocket mount for chain drive Go-Peds with 6 inch hard tire. Also works on s..
Clutch Case - 54mm CY
Billet aluminum 54mm clutch case for CY RC engines. This is a direct replacement for the cast alumin..
Cover - HE Exhaust Chrome
Chrome exhaust cover for Superior HE23HP, HE26HP, & SS27RC engines. Replacement part for Avenger sco..
Deck - Go-Ped Kicker
Billet deck plate for the Go-ped Kicker push scooter.  This only fits the Kicker model Go-Ped a..
$24.95 $39.95
Deck - Go-Ped Sport Race
Billet Race deck for the Go-ped Sport, X-Ped, and Liquimatic. Features machined reliefs for traction..
Deck - Know-Ped Go-Ped
Billet aluminum deck plate for the Goped Know-Ped push scooter.  This deck is just over 9 inche..
Fan Cover Billet - G230RC
Billet aluminum fan cover for G230RC engines. Allows mounting of the stock kill switch. Can be used ..
Frame Clamp - 1-3/4"
Billet aluminum frame cable clamp for 1-3/4" diameter Go-Ped GSR and Bigfoot frames. Works great for..
Gas Cap - 1.5L Superior Tank
Billet aluminum gas cap for the Superior aftermarket 1.5 liter gas tank.  Does NOT fit stock Go..
Gas Cap - Go-Ped
Billet aluminum gas cap for Go-Ped brand scooters.  Fits the stock Go-Ped 1L and 1.5L gas tanks..