Billet Engine Mount - GSR 78mm
Billet aluminum engine mount for the Go-Ped GSR Models with the 78mm clutch. Works with the stock CY..
Clutch Case - 54mm CY
Billet aluminum 54mm clutch case for CY RC engines. This is a direct replacement for the cast alumin..
$19.95 $39.95
Clutch Drum - 54mm
Chung Yang 54mm replacement clutch drum for the ADA Racing Sport Spindle drive clutch kit...
Clutch Drum - 78mm HD
Billet Chromoly 78mm clutch drum for Go-Ped scooters. Made from Chromoly then heat treated and black..
Clutch Drum - GP460 78mm
Stock Go-Ped 78mm clutch drum for the GP460 engine. PMW part# 121130002..
Clutch Kit - 54mm
54mm centrifugal clutch kit for Zenoah and CY engines. Bolts between the engine and the frame, so it..
Clutch Kit - 54mm, Drum Side
54mm clutch drum kit for Zenoah and Superior engines with existing clutch. This can be used on the e..
Clutch Kit - Zenoah 54mm
Complete 54mm clutch assembly for Zenoah engines.  These are brand new genuine Zenoah clutch as..
Clutch Shoe Assy - CY42/46
Replacement clutch shoe assembly for the Chung Yang CY42 / CY46 and Go-Ped GP420 / GP460 engines. In..
Clutch Shoe Bolt - 54m Clutch
Clutch shoe bolt for 54mm Chung Yang clutch...
Clutch Shoe Mount - 54mm
Clutch shoe mount for 54mm Superior clutch assy...
Clutch Shoe Set - 54mm
Clutch shoe set for 54mm Chung Yang clutch.  9mm Hole size...