Brake Cable - Go-Ped
Aftermarket replacement cable for your Go-Ped front brake. Fits all models. Sheath is 35" and inner ..
Brake Cable - Go-Ped Rear
Rear brake cable for air tire Go-Ped models with the Maddog brake caliper.  Go-Ped part# 1082.&..
Brake Cable - Rush
Rush brake cable for Rush brake lever. Sheath is 38" long and inner cable is 50-1/2" long...
Brake Caliper
This is an anodized stock Go-Ped brake caliper. This fits Go-Peds and Go-Quads with the 6 inch solid..
Brake Caliper - Go-Ped Maddog
This is the stock Go-Ped Maddog brake caliper assembly. This does not fit the older style forks.&nbs..
Brake Caliper - Goped
Direct replacement for the Go-Ped MadDog brake caliper...
Brake Caliper Adaptor - Maddog
Billet adaptor bracket for Maddog style brake calipers to be used on the ADA Racing chrome bothy for..
Brake Lever - Go-Ped
This is a stock anodized brake lever for your scooter. Fits all Go-Ped scooters. Only available in t..
Brake Lever - Go-Ped
Replacement brake lever for Go-Ped scooters...
Brake Lever - Go-Ped Left
Left side Go-Ped stock brake lever.  Go-Ped part# 1084L..
Brake Lever - Go-Ped Right
Right side Go-Ped stock brake lever.  Go-Ped part# 1048R..
Brake Lever - Go-Ped Rush
Mountain bike style left side brake lever for Go-Ped scooters...