6x20mm Countersunk Allen
For use with 54mm Superior Clutch Assy...
Bearing - Superior Upper Rod
Superior upper rod bearing fits LH/RC Style engines...
Bearing - Zenoah RC Upper Rod
Zenoah piston pin bearing for G230RC and G260RC engines...
Bearing Seal Kit - CY46
Crankshaft bearing and seal kit for the Chung Yang CY42 and CY46 engines and the Go-Ped GP420 and GP..
Bearing Set - Zenoah RC
Fast Eddy special ground radius bearing set for Zenoah G230RC, G240RC, G260RC, and G270RC crankshaft..
Case Brace - GP460/CY46
Billet case brace for GP460 and CY46 engines on Go-Ped scooters.  Adds strength and rigidity to..
Circlip Set - Pocket Bike 10mm
Piston circlip set for 10mm piston pin size. Fits most Chinese pocket bike models 40mm, 44mm, 47cc, ..
$0.50 $2.00
Circlip Set - Pocket Bike 12mm
Piston circlip set for 12mm piston pin size. Fits Chinese pocket bike engines with 44mm bore and 12m..
$0.50 $2.00
Clutch Drum - 78mm HD
Billet Chromoly 78mm clutch drum for Go-Ped scooters. Made from pre-heat treated 4130/4140 then heat..
Clutch Drum - GP460 78mm
Stock Go-Ped 78mm clutch drum for the GP460 engine. PMW part# 121130002..
Clutch Shoe Bolt - 54m Clutch
Clutch shoe bolt for 54mm Chung Yang clutch...
Clutch Shoe Mount - 54mm
Clutch shoe mount for 54mm Superior clutch assy...