Cylinder - GSR40 Head Kit
Machined Zenoah G43L-D cylinder for use with ADA Racing billet head...
Dome - G23LH/G230RC/G2D
32mm bore size removable dome for use with ADA billet head kit...
Dome - GP460 CY46
Billet dome for ADA Racing billet head shell that fits the Go-Ped GP460 and CY46 engine. 42mm bore s..
Dome - GP460 Stroker
Billet removable dome for the ADA Racing GP460 CY46 billet head kit.  This dome has a .020" rel..
Dome - GSR40/G43L
Removable dome for use with ADA Racing billet head kit for Go-Ped GSR40...
Head Kit - GSR40
Billet head kit for the Go-Ped GSR40. Kit includes a Zenoah G43L cylinder, head shell, dome, copper ..
Head Shell - GP460RS CY46 GSR40
***NOW FITS THE GSR40 ENGINE!*** Billet girdle head shell for Chung Yang 46cc engines(same as GP460..