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Billet removable dome for the ADA Racing GP460 CY46 billet head kit.  This dome has a .020" relief for use with the ADA Racing +1mm stroker.  Use this dome with the stock base gasket and a .020" copper head gasket, no extra gaskets or spacers necessary.  These domes are also recalculated for the corrected compression ratio for the increased displacement for the +1mm stroker.  The compression ratio are calculated with a .030" squish clearance.  Using a thinner copper head gasket and decreasing the squish clearance will increase the compression ratio.  See below.

.030" Squish.025" Squish.020" Squish
13:1 Dome13:113.4:113.9:1
15:1 Dome15:115.5:116.2:1
17:1 Dome17:117.7:118.6:1

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