Intake Heat Spacer - BladeZ
Plastic heat spacer to be used with ADA Racing billet aluminum intake manifold for the Tanaka 35 and..
Intake Kit - GSR40
Billet aluminum intake manifold kit for the Go-Ped GSR40 and Zenoah G43L-D engine. Kit includes bill..
Intake Kit - Zenoah G62PU
Intake manifold kit for the Zenoah G62 engine. Includes billet manifold, nylon heat spacer, velocit..
Intake Manifold - GTR CY42 CY46
Billet aluminum intake manifold kit for the CY42, CY46, GP420RS, and GP460RS engines. Replaces the s..
Intake Manifold - RC Engines
Billet aluminum intake manifold for RC engines(22.5-30.5cc)). 3-axis machined for a perfect match to..
Intake Manifold Spacer - CY46
Nylon intake spacer for the ADA CY46 intake manifold. This is included with the manifold kit(part#11..
Intake Manifold Stock - RC Engines
Replacement intake manifold for Chung Yang and Zenoah RC engines...