3rd Bearing Support - Go-Ped Bigfoot
Includes: billet bracket, spring, hardware, drive bolt & puller Works with stock clutch or with ADA..
3rd Bearing Support - Sport Go-Ped
3rd bearing support protects against crankshaft breakage. For use on Sport and X-Ped style Go-Peds. ..
3rd Bearing Support Lock Down
Only works with ADA 3rd bearing support. Adjustable fixed tension. Locks engine to tire, eliminates ..
6x20mm Countersunk Allen
For use with 54mm Superior Clutch Assy...
Chain Tensioner - GSR 78mm
Spring loaded wheel tensioners for 42/46cc Go-Ped GSR models with the 78mm clutch. Due to the rear s..
Chain Tensioner - GSR40 Go-Ped
Spring-loaded wheel tensioner with adjustable slack stop. Quiet and efficient! May not work with aft..
Chain Tensioner Wheel
Wheel for ADA Racing GSR40 billet chain tensioner...
Drive Bolt - Bigfoot Go-Ped
6x80mm drive spindle bolt for Bigfoot Go-Peds...
Drive Bolt - Sport Go-Ped
6x45mm drive spindle bolt for Sport Go-Peds...
Lock-Out Adaptor - SBF
Adaptor kit to make the stock Super Bigfoot lock-out work with the ADA 3rd bearing support. Includes..