Drive Spindle - Bigfoot Go-Ped
Stainless steel knurled replacement drive for Go-Ped brand Bigfoot scooters. 3.075 inch total length..
Long Drive - 54mm Clutch Drive
Long drive for use with 54mm clutch kit and 3rd bearing support on a Sport Go-Ped. 2.46 inch total l..
Long Drive - Go-Quad
Long drive for use with dually wheels 4 inch total length. Uses Bigfoot drive bolt, 6x80mm - not in..
Long Drive - Sport Go-Ped
Must use long drive with 3rd bearing support For use on Sport & X-Ped Go-Peds. 2.875 inch total len..
Short Drive - Sport Go-Ped
Stainless steel knurled replacement drive spindle for Sport model Go-Peds. 1.75 inch total length...
Spindle - Go-Ped Pro 60
Stainless knurled spindle for use on Go-Ped Pro 60. Must use custom spindle bolt in related links. D..
Spindle Bolt - Pro 60
Spindle bolt for Pro 60 using ADA Racing Pro 60 Spindle only. The is a custom spindle bolt for our ..
Support Drive - Bigfoot
These drives are to be used with the ADA Racing 3rd bearing support for the Bigfoot Go-Ped. They can..