Pin - Go-Ped Handle Hinge
Stock Go-Ped handle hinge pin for all Go-Ped scooters. PMW part# 1056..
Rear Axle Adjustment Cam - EPW
Rear axle adjustment cam, EPW(Engine Protection Washer). Fits hard tire spindle drive Go-Ped scooter..
Rear Axle Quick Release Assy
Rear axle quick release assembly for Sport and X-Ped Go-Peds. Includes 3/8 inch quick release axle, ..
Slide Tube - Go-Ped
Stock silver Go-Ped slide tube. PMW part# 1022...
Spring - Go-Ped Handlepole
Go-Ped handlepole safety spring. Fits all Go-Ped models. PMW part# 1060..
U-Bolt - Go-Ped GSR
Stock Go-Ped U-Bolt for the engine mount on GSR model Go-Peds. Go-Ped part# 1407...