Bolt - 6x75mm Allen
6x75mm allen bolt used with ADA Racing GSR chain tensioner...
Brass Pulse Fitting
Brass pulse fitting with 10-32 x 1/8" threads. This is the fitting that is included with our CY46 bi..
Bushing - Billet Wheel
Aluminum outer bushing for the Sport Bead Locks, Prowler, Psyclone, Rage, & Sabre billet wheels...
Chain Tensioner Pivot Post - GSR40
Stainless pivot post for ADA Racing billet GSR40 chain tensioner...
Chain Tensioner Pivot Post - GSR46
Replacement stainless steel pivot post for ADA Racing chain tensioner for the 78mm engine mount(part..
Chain Tensioner Wheel
Wheel for ADA Racing GSR40 billet chain tensioner...
Cover to Cylinder Screw
Engine cover to cylinder screw. Secures the plastic engine cove to the cylinder, on the drive side. ..
Crankcase Bolt Set
4 bolts that hold the crankcase together. 5mm x 30mm long...
Crankcase Snap Ring
Snap ring for retaining bearing in crankcase...
Cylinder Bolt Set
2 bolts that hold the cylinder to the crankcase. 5mm x 22mm long...
Deck Hardware - Go-ped
Deck hardware kit. Includes bolts, rubber grommets, washers, and nuts...
Drive Bolt - Bigfoot Go-Ped
6x80mm drive spindle bolt for Bigfoot Go-Peds...