Fan Cover Bolt Set
Includes 4 bolts that hold the fan cover to the crankcase. 5mm x 20mm long...
Fan Cover to Engine Cover Screw Set
2 screws that mount the fan cover to the plastic engine shroud. 4.5mm x 18mm course screw...
Flywheel Nut - 8mm
Flywheel nut - 8mm x 1.0 threads for LH, RC, and CY46 engines.  Also used as the nut to hold on..
Ftg Bolt - Go-Ped
Allen bolt for stock and ADA Racing billet ftg's. PWM part# 1044..
Ftg Wedge - Go-Ped
Wedge for stock Go-Ped and ADA Racing billet ftg's. PMW part# 1045..
Fuel Line 1/8 - by the foot
1/8 inch fuel line sold by the foot.  For each quantity you order you will receive a continuous..
Gas Tank Fitting
Replacement gas tank fitting for our aftermarket 1.5L fuel tank.  Threads in and then it must b..
Gas Tank Hardware Kit
Gas tank hardware kit for Go-Ped scooters for replacing broken tank studs. Includes hardware and alu..
Oring - Goped Exhaust
Viton oring for ADA Racing's billet exhaust manifold for RC engines.  Manifold requires 2 oring..
Snap Ring - 12mm
External retaining ring for 12mm diameter shafts.  This is used in our 54mm clutch and goes on ..
Spacer - Billet Wheel
Aluminum bearing spacer for the Sport Bead Locks, Prowler, Psyclone, Rage, & Sabre billet wheels...
Spacer - Chain Tensioner
3/8 inch thick aluminum spacer for ADA Racing chain tensioner for the GSR40...