Bearing - Zenoah RC Upper Rod
Zenoah piston pin bearing for G230RC and G260RC engines...
Crankcase - CY F270 4-Bolt
CY F230 & F270 4-bolt crankcase assembly. Includes bearings and seals installed. Also includes crank..
$29.95 $44.95
Cylinder - 34mm F270
34mm Chung Yang cylinder for F270 engine...
Flywheel Nut - 8mm
Flywheel nut - 8mm x 1.0 threads for LH, RC, and CY46 engines.  Also used as the nut to hold on..
Intake Manifold - RC Engines
Billet aluminum intake manifold for RC engines(22.5-30.5cc)). 3-axis machined for a perfect match to..
Intake Manifold Stock - RC Engines
Replacement intake manifold for Chung Yang and Zenoah RC engines...
Muffler - HP/RC
Stock high performance exhaust canister for HP/RC engines. Features rear facing outlet. Includes bol..
Piston Kit - 34mm F270
34mm piston kit for Chung Yang F270 4-bolt engine. Includes piston, ring, circlips, pin, bearing, an..
Piston Pin - Zenoah G230RC
8 x 26mm Zenoah piston pin for the G230RC and G240RC engine...
Piston Pin - Zenoah G260RC
8 x 29mm Zenoah piston pin for the G260RC and G270RC engines...
Seals - Zenoah RC Crankcase
OE Zenoah crankcase seals for the G230RC and G260RC engines...
Thrust Washer - Zenoah RC
Zenoah piston pin thrust washer for G230RC and G260RC engines...