This section has all of our sale, blemished, discontinued and closeout items.

Carb Cable Bracket - 47cc Pocket Bike
Hp carb throttle cable bracket for 47cc Chinese Pocket Bike. Use with WA/WT style hp carbs...
$2.95 $6.95
Circlip Set - Pocket Bike 10mm
Piston circlip set for 10mm piston pin size. Fits most Chinese pocket bike models 40mm, 44mm, 47cc, ..
$0.50 $2.00
Circlip Set - Pocket Bike 12mm
Piston circlip set for 12mm piston pin size. Fits Chinese pocket bike engines with 44mm bore and 12m..
$0.50 $2.00
Clutch Case - 54mm CY
Billet aluminum 54mm clutch case for CY RC engines. This is a direct replacement for the cast alumin..
$19.95 $39.95
Control Arm Set - Baja 5b
HD nylon control arm set for the HPI Baja 5b & 5t. Includes front and rear control arms. Front lowe..
$19.95 $59.95
Cylinder - CY 29cc Headkit Stroker
Chung Yang cylinder for 29cc engine with CY head kit. 35mm bore size with 30mm(+2) stroker.  Th..
$34.95 $49.95
Dome - Pocket Bike 40mm Bore Billet Head
Billet dome for ADA Racing head shell for 40mm bore 40.2/47cc pocketbikes...
$9.95 $14.95
Dome - Pocket Bike 44mm Billet Head
Billet dome for 44mm big bore head kit for case reed pocketbike engine. 21.5 degree squish angle...
$9.95 $14.95
Dome - Watercooled Pocket Bike 40mm Billet Head
40mm bore billet dome fits the ADA Racing billet head shell for the 50cc Banshee Watercooled pocketb..
$9.95 $19.95
Footpeg Pin & Spring Kit - CRF50
Footpeg pin & spring kit for CRF50, XR50, CRF70, & import bikes. Fits stock and the ADA Racing HD ch..
$12.95 $24.95
Fork Cap Set - Pocket Bike Large
Billet fork cap set fits .875" ID fork tubes. Includes 2 caps with orings. ..
$1.00 $9.95
Fork Cap Set - Pocket Bike Small
Billet fork cap set fits .730" ID fork tubes. Includes 2 caps with orings...
$1.00 $9.95