Air Filter - K&N Shielded
3 inch diameter x 2-1/2 inch tall element. Chrome Shielded 1/2 way around filter. Washable, long las..
Air Filter - K&N Standard
3 inch diameter x 2-1/2 inch tall element. Chrome finish top. Washable, long lasting. Fits 44mm/1.75..
Air Filter Kit - Go-Ped
Kit includes our ADA Racing standard 3" diameter chrome air filter, velocity stack, and a gasket. Fi..
Air Filter Kit - RC w/Choke
Kit includes chrome air filter, 3/4 inch thru hole velocity stack w/choke, and gasket. Fits most RC,..
Bearing - Superior Upper Rod
Superior upper rod bearing fits LH/RC Style engines...
Bearing - Zenoah RC Upper Rod
Zenoah piston pin bearing for G230RC and G260RC engines...
Bearing Set - Zenoah RC
Fast Eddy special ground radius bearing set for Zenoah G230RC, G240RC, G260RC, and G270RC crankshaft..
Carb Swivel Kit
Fits the HP(wa-167), G230RC(wt-603), and ADA alcohol carb. Includes swivel, clip, and plastic washer..
Choke - 3/4 inch Hole
Choke for use with velocity stack or ADA Racing billet air filters. Can be used for up to a 3/4" thr..
Cover - HE Exhaust Chrome
Chrome exhaust cover for Superior HE23HP, HE26HP, & SS27RC engines. Replacement part for Avenger sco..
Cover to Cylinder Screw
Engine cover to cylinder screw. Secures the plastic engine cove to the cylinder, on the drive side. ..
Crankcase Bolt Set
4 bolts that hold the crankcase together. 5mm x 30mm long...