Choke - 3/4 inch Hole
Choke for use with velocity stack or ADA Racing billet air filters. Can be used for up to a 3/4" thr..
Dome - GSR40/G43L
Removable dome for use with ADA Racing billet head kit for Go-Ped GSR40...
Engine Degree Wheel
Use this for your ignition and port timing. 3-1/2 inch diameter laser engraved for accuracy. Use on ..
Exhaust Manifold - GSR40
Billet steel exhaust manifold for the ADA Racing pipe on a GSR40 Go-Ped scooter engine, Zenoah G43L-..
Gasket - Carb, GSR40 HP
HP carb to intake manifold gasket for Zenoah G43L-D and GSR40 Go-Ped...
Gasket - Intake, GSR40
Intake manifold to cylinder gasket for Zenoah G43L-D engines. Fits stock and HP carb intake manifold..
Gasket Set - GSR40 Go-ped
Gasket set includes: 1 - base gasket, 1 - case gasket, 1 - exhaust gasket, 1 - intake manifold to cy..
Gasket- Velocity Stack 3/4"
Carb to velocity stack gasket. Fits Walbro wa-167, wt-603, & wt-668 carbs. 3/4" hole...
Head Gasket - 40mm
Copper head gasket for use with the ADA GSR40 billet head kit. Gasket dimensions: 1.955 od x 1.58 in..
Intake Heat Spacer - GSR40
This is to be used between the ADA Racing billet intake manifold and the cylinder for heat dissipati..
Intake Kit - GSR40
Billet aluminum intake manifold kit for the Go-Ped GSR40 and Zenoah G43L-D engine. Kit includes bill..
Juice Box - GSR40
Billet aluminum boost box. Improves throttle response, quicker acceleration, and overall performance..